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7 Foods to Avoid for Beauty

#1 Corn Beef

Cattle were born to eat grass, not grains. But farmers today feed their animals corn and soybeans, which fatten up the animals faster for slaughter.

Grass-fed beef is higher in beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), calcium, magnesium, and potassium; lower in inflammatory omega-6s; and lower in saturated fats that have been linked to heart disease.

Budget tip: Cuts on the bone are cheaper because processors charge extra for deboning. You can also buy direct from a local farmer, which can be as cheap as $5 per pound. To find a farmer near you, search

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5th Anti Aging Commandment

Feed your face like you feed your body. Vitamin E is outstanding for the face, it can make your face smooth as a baby behind. 400 IU of vitamin E seems to be the recommended amount along with 100 micrograms of selenium. Ask your doctor first, for approval.

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Beauty Product Hunter - find your beauty solution

Beauty Product Hunter delivers the best solution to your beauty products for your skin, face, wrinkles, hair and body problems. Save time and money, find answers inside.

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All Natural Beauty Products: What does it mean and look for!

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Beauty Hair Tips: 3 Ways to Transform your hair

3 essential beauty hair tips to healthy looking hair inside that save you time, money and frustration

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