Beauty Hair Tips

Looking for beauty hair tips? Do you have a specific problem or issue with your hair? Here are some you might not know of or you would not associate with hair beauty especially in the western world.

First let’s share some common sense before the tips. It is useless spending huge amounts of money and making a hole in your pocket if you are not giving good fuel to your body.

Having curly hair and living in a humid country saw me trying all sorts of products and methods. In the end you have to find the right remedies for your type and condition while building a solid base. The basis of beauty lies in nutrition and maintenance.

One beauty hair tip I can share with you is that I saw huge improvements when I started taking protein shakes with all the balanced nutrients my body needed. I got rid of dandruff after years battling with it (and using the wrong type of shampoo too).

1. Beauty Hair Tips - Natural Food Choices

The Best Foods You Can Eat

Go Fishing

Protein and Omega-3 fats found in organic salmon and nuts help in having a healthy scalp. Add colour to your fish with leafy vegetables, carrots and beans.

Fortifying Foods - Iron Man

Iron is mainly found in red meat, clams, oysters, and organ parts of beef, pork and fish. Vegetarians have to watch their iron levels – to get enough from legumes, beans, nuts, vegetables, seeds and cereals. Iron is less efficiently absorbed from plant sources.

Boost Your Vitamin Levels with the most important vitamin for hair. Vitamin D is absorbed just by staying in the sun, though too much exposure can cause damage to your hair. Other sources are fortified foods like milk, cereals, special grown white button mushrooms (Dole are producing Portobello mushrooms with 100% RDA), beef, sardines, salmon, shrimp, eggs, butter, goat cheese, chicken liver, sour cream and even orange juice ! Watch out your modern diet…..Take off all your unhealthy foods from your menu.

It’s not necessary to take special supplements for hair. A popular supplement for hair is biotin, but there is no evidence it helps hair grow faster and healthier.

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2. Banish Fad Diets! Healthy Eating Tips

Another beauty hair tip we usually do not associate with hair health. Following a fad or unbalanced diet can starve your hair from needed nutrients which will result in a lifeless and brittle. Another effect of unbalanced diet is hair loss. Severe diets lack protein, iron and other important nutrients exert stress on your body reflecting on the hair.

Healthy hair should grow out of every follicle, strong and connected to the scalp. It should look shiny, bounces and easy to manage.

Hair is a protein structure and is growing all the time which can last up to 3 years then it rests for about 3 months and then it falls and be replaced by new ones. If you don’t eat enough protein (meats, nuts, beans, legumes) it can go in resting phase. We shed around 50 to 100 strands each day.

Another beauty hair tip by Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly called the American Dietetic Association) says that other important nutrients are iron, Vitamin E and trace minerals like such as selenium, copper, and magnesium that are involved in producing proteins.

3. More Beauty Hair Tips

Beauty Tips for Thin Hair

Transform Lifeless and Thin Hair with Silicone

Bet you didn’t know this one. Heavy conditioners will weigh your hair down and looking lifeless. Our beauty hair tip is to go for products with silicone, such as dimethicone or cyclomethicone. These create fuller hair by coating the strands with a thin film. The silicone stays on even after you rinse.

Replace Your Conditioner

Replace the rinsing-conditioner with the leave in version. Fine hair is weighed down. Keep your curls lifted and volume up. Too much hairspray on your ends will weigh them down. TIP: Just lightly spray on the crown and roots.

and your Shampoo

Its common sense not to style your hair too often with hot tools. Same goes for dyes, bleaching or perming. Switch to shampoos and conditioners that have protein. Protein helps to repair the hair shaft until the next wash.

A Tip on beauty hair care products

Pricey Brands Don’t Do Justice To Your Wallet

Do you think that paying more is getting you more benefits? According to Consumer Reports which tested no less than 1,700 products, found that pricy brands gave no better results than cheaper ones.

That’s the reason you should stop wasting money on labels. TIP: Instead go for your hair type, like oily, dry, damaged or colored.

Beauty Tips for Frizzy Hair

In both humid weather and surprisingly dry air, there is static electricity.  To tame down frizz, use a conditioner and wash hair with a pH-balanced shampoo. Conditioners containing polymers help smooth down strands and make it easier to manage. The magic word to look for is polyvinylpyrrolidone.

Extreme Color Changes is Not Cool

Let the artists ruin their hair. Keep yours healthy and looking good all the way. Going from a dark brunette to a fair blonde or vice-versa means great damage and stress. Hairstylists often recommend going two shades darker or lighter than your natural color.

Another faking tip with color: if you cover all your head in the same color, your hair will look flat and thin.  Darken the roots only to cover regrowth and grays, it will look thicker.

Shower Before You Swim

Avoid chlorine sticking to your hair and body by showering before entering the pool or wearing a swim cap. Since it will be wet, it will absorb fewer chemicals as it is already holding water. Wash your hair with a pH-balanced product for further protection.

Changes in Your Hair Mean Health Problems

Brittle hair or increased hair loss can be a sign of a health problem. Hair loss is a cause of some medicines too. Seek medical advice.

And for the last from our beauty hair tips

Don't Treat Dandruff with Oils

Dandruff does not occur because of dry scalp. It’s a small disorder. Avoid oils, it just gets worse. Medicated shampoos are the best solution. Follow instructions to the letter.

Beauty Hair Tips Home Remedies

Essential oils from DoTerra

Protect Shine

Avoid using hot water which can remove the oils that serve as a conditioner to the hair and its shine. Wash and rinse your hair under running lukewarm water. Massage your scalp while washing.

Add Bounce

Redheads are the luckiest people with the thickest hair. Your genes are to blame for your hair fullness. But you can use this technique every time to plump up the volume.

Switch to a leave-in conditioner or mousse. Start from the roots first, flipping your hair upside down while drying to get more volume. Use low heat settings with very fine hair.

Use your fingers as a comb

Back-combing while great to add volume, it is very damaging. TIP: With a drop of styling products on your fingers, push back a section from the back side.

Limit Hair Loss

Too much brushing will break hairs which will stop growing and are in resting stage. Use a brush with ball-tipped bristles and very important to use a comb on wet hair. For curls, forget the brushes and switch to a pick for curl definition.

Wearing tight hairstyles can break off your strands and damage the roots. Wearing a tight style all day contributes to hair loss. Let it free before going to bed. For semi-permanent styles, like braids, loosen it at the scalp.

Hope you found the above tips useful and start to implement them to turn heads around!

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