Organic Beauty Products - Safety - Results - Save Money

Why do you switch to Organic brands?

What do they offer more?

True Organic beauty products come with multiple benefits, the most important one is their safety compared to other commercial skincare along with value for money and visible results.  It is not a fad going out of fashion. So if these are what you are looking for, keep reading on....

  • Learn which toxins are not found or should not be found in your organic skincare
  • What other types of skincare products are natural and  organic?
  • Don't despair, help is at hand when shopping for organic skincare!
  • Herbal beauty is one popular range....
  • The Miracle plant Aloe Vera is able to offer soothing and healing to most of you skin issues at any age
  • Ayurvedic is the Indian practice of treating your beauty issues....which type of products are recommended to your personality and skin characteristics?
  • Beauty without cruelty, apart being free from harmful chemicals they respect Mother Nature

Which benefits can your skin take advantage of?

Learning how to recognize the good ones is the first step! Don't go out just yet and buy the first one you see on the shelf. Reading the following tips will help choose the right organic beauty products for your bucks.

Mankind is returning back to basics.

We expect good results when we buy something especially a high priced skincare good only to be disappointed. And the same will happen with organic beauty products if you don't learn to recognize fakes!

People believe that since these are made from natural substances they expect to deliver what they promise. Nothing is what it seems in the world of beauty. Read on to discover the truth behind the ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ labels. Get to know what these are hiding from you.

If you apply the following principles to every product and brand available on the market, you will soon notice most manufacturers are lying!

I found the following infographic of great help when shopping for organic beauty products. If you hesitated till now you did a good job. Keeping this list handy when shopping is smart thinking.

What does Organic mean and what is different?

organic beauty products

Organic beauty products entail that the ingredients are obtained directly from plants that have been grown without chemical pesticides or fertilisers, synthetic preservatives or additives.

Are Organic Beauty Products really chemical free? Follow the Commandments!

Not all, though most of them carry the ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ label, the largest percentage of ingredients is chemicals, misleading the customers.

If the following list of chemicals is found on the label then it cannot be called Organic!

Don’t buy in the manufacturers’ lie that its only a small dose. Accumulated usage builds the damage you cannot see.

The skin is an organ in is capable of absorbing and healing itself. Choose whether you put a chemical or a natural substance. What you put on your skin goes through your bloodstream and in your organs.


Herbal beauty products

A list of natural herbs and spices found in Herbal Beauty products like moisturizers containing botanical ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, humectants and emollients WHILE free from artificial fragrances.

What are you waiting for?

Aloe Vera - 'the miracle' beauty product 

What can this famous plant do for you? Aloe vera is used in a multitude of products and has multiple properties besides beauty. No wonder its called the Miracle Plant!

  • Increase collagen
  • contains Vitamins ACE
  • fights inflammation
  • Heals wounds, scars and more....
  • fights wrinkles!
  • and much more

Beauty without cruelty product

We all should be more human. Even animals have rights! It doesnt cost you anything. Besides getting rid of chemicals for our skin also think and support beauty without cruelty product.

Europe already achieved this in March 2013.  Animals should not be sacrificed to be tested/maltreated or used in beauty.

Ayurvedic beauty products

The Indian approach to define your skin type and compatible skincare. Ayurvedic beauty products are also a form of organic skincare. Ayurveda, 'the science of life' offers. Really, its your personality that dictates your skin type! 

  • natural beauty ingredients to treat oily, dry and combination skin types based on your personality
  • learn which ingredients are suitable for your skin type and avoid the ones that cause you more distress
  • skincare products made from honey, oatmeal, sugar, coffee and more...

Checking and trusting ingredients

You should dump your beauty products which are loaded with chemicals by all means but buying natural or organic products only because its written on the label is not much of a change to a healthier lifestyle.

The consumer has to be able to trace the origin of the ingredients where they were cultivated.

The price of Natural Organic Beauty

If you want to be totally sure of the ingredients look out for the USDA logo and check the FDA / CFSAN website. The USDA logo is used on farm-raised ingredients not all beauty products are regulated under this program. Check out the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website for a vast database of safety products.

  • Not regulated: Plant-derived ingredients and essential oils.
  • Regulated: Ingredients like honey, cinnamon, avocado and other foods.

More help and ease....

Think Dirty is an app which tells you the toxic ingredients in your beauty products. Find it in your App Store or click below....


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