Switching to All Natural Beauty products?

A Series of tips on effectiveness, safety and money....

Organic or all natural beauty products are the latest trends in skincare. Containing no harsh chemicals that can harm even the most delicate of skins, these products appeal to more customers that are conscious of whats in their mass produced commercial counterparts. But don't be fooled by the labels. A series of articles on what to look for, saving you money and disappointment!

Ancient civilizations knew the benefits of natural ingredients to use on their skin. Cleopatra herself used to have her bath filled with milk to make her skin beautiful and radiant.

Why milk? Cause it contains AHA that soften the skin and help removing dead skin cells.

all natural beauty products

All Natural Beauty Products....Nature within reach

This site exists to help you find the most appropriate product for your skin without much trouble.

Beauty is health - without chemicals. More people are switching to organic skin care goods for various reasons, be it for the environment, sensitive skin type, leading a healthier lifestyle.

All natural beauty products are defined as is, if a part obtained from mineral, plant or animal is not artificially recreated, according to the National Organic Program's standards.

A product that contains water can be called "natural."

In this section you will come across a fine selection of beauty products - products, mineral make-up, all-natural skincare and spa products. Just because there is written green or natural on the label doesn’t mean it is.

Read the label ingredients and if you see any long names you can barely spell then the product contains chemicals. USDA only regulates farm raised ingredients. Ingredients derived from plants are not regulated; only honey, cinnamon, avocado and other food are regulated.

To make matters worse for the consumer there are more than one certifying body and more than one term to describe all natural beauty products. Terms like 100% organic, organic, made with organic ingredients and organic ingredients without the stamp of a certifying body are all confusing when buying natural beauty products. The FDA only determines if cosmetics are safe.


Here is a short video how you can make your Beauty products more safe for your body. Watch and look out for the ingredients to take out!

Beauty professionals are responsible for their clients' well being, which in return they will experience better health and radiant skin.

Skin care stuff made from natural substances to improve our looks is now part of the competition.

Through this site you will find beauty and health products, mineral make-up, make your own skincare and beauty products reviews for a complete healthy look. And cause we truly believe that your skin reflects your health, we offer a holistic approach to your needs.

The Beauty Hunter is out hunting for you to be beautiful....naturally! We are the bridge to your fine and attractive looks using nothing else than clean, pure and fresh ingredients from Mother Nature

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