Wrinkle Treatments

As you can imagine there are million wrinkle treatments on the market and choosing the best skin care products for your problems is a nightmare.

The starting point is first reading these articles on Anti aging where it is all about easy small changes you can start implementing today as food, lifestyle and habit changes.

Another great resource, actually one of the biggest defense against anti aging is Hyaluronic Acid (read more about its benefits to the whole body) and Natural anti aging offers DIY homemade solutions.

Anti Aging Skin Tips

The best two  anti aging skin products would be a good and effective sunscreen and drinking water….two products that don’t cost the earth.

Anti Aging Wrinkle Treatments

One way of the many to combat wrinkles is called Peptides.

What are Peptides and what do they do?

Peptides are small protein structures that stimulate the production of collagen.

Their formulations act like growth factors, stimulating skin cells to make a quicker turnover, much like young skin. These creams get through and under the surface of the skin to build up and plump up collagen to give your skin flexibility as it used to be when you were young. These anti aging creams might be more expensive but to get the best results always invest in big brands that spend money on research like Olay and cost just under $30. Dr.Oz on his show talks about peptides.

For better results look for formulas that contains vitamins, particularly A, C and E.

Another known wrinkle cream is the famous Retinol (a form of Vitamin A). But there are various dosage formulations to be effective and some have to be prescribed by a doctor and precaution has to be taken when using such skin care products.

Other possible medical and aesthetic wrinkle treatments are botox, peels, laser…which all carry higher risks and higher price tags.

Don’t forget to keep your skin moisturized to keep wrinkles at bay!

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