Makeup Basics - What you Should know before applying colours!

Knowing your Skin tone

One of the most frequent makeup basics question is which colours suit you or which ones you should use.

The Rule of Thumb is to ALWAYS use colours that match your SKIN TONE not your hair, eyes or whatever clothes you are wearing.

To determine your skin tone in a simple way do the following:

To start with you should remove all makeup from your face - a clean washed face.

Grab a PINK and PEACH piece of cardboard.

Go near a window in natural daylight or a sunny spot

Take one of the coloured cardboard paper and put it under your chin. Do the same with the other colour. The one that matches most your skin and brightens it IS your skin tone colour.

If your skin reflects best with the PINK colour then you have COOL skin tone and PEACH means WARM. However I picked the graphic below for more detail

Watch the VIDEO below - you can use coloured paper instead of fabric. It is the basis for good makeup and choosing the colours that suit your skin tone most.

The colors that suit your Skin Tone

Makeup Basics: Which Eyeshadow Colors Suit Me?

Here comes the headache, the confusion and the frustration. Do you wear eye shadow colours matching your eyes, your skin tone or whatever is in fashion?

Makeup is a somewhat controversial subjects when it comes to colours.There are mixed opinions what colours should be used by different skin tones.

Some of the recommendations are:

Cool colours (neutral colours like white, black, grey, blues, greens, cold pinks, greens, purples,....) for fair skins

Warm colours (reds, yellows, browns, beiges, violets, warm pinks, ...) for dark skins

Then you will find who recommends that fair skins should be dressed in natural colours like beiges, light browns that do not overpower eye colour.

Others suggest that dark skins can wear dark colours like blacks, blues as well as metallic colours.

Who do you believe in this confused world? Whatever you decide, just try it on and see if you like what you see in the mirror.

Some good makeup basics to follow!

Never apply eyeshadow too heavily that it is seen more than your own eyes.

Do not choose an eyeshadow colour same as your eyes.

Did you grasp the basics for your skin tone? If you have anything to add please leave a comment below.

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