Dramatic Make up

Dramatic make up or extreme make up looks is all about being a bad girl, evil and power. It is for those who dare to be audacious and confident. Ideal for a wild night out.

Do you like this style of makeup? Everyone of us sometimes feels like a tiger! Personally I seldom use it though I like it. I reserve it for when I am in the mood to be audacious.

Brows and Eyes: the Attraction Points

The Brows

Your brows say a lot about you and about the look you are wearing. They must be expressive in an flowing arch. The brows say a lot about your look.

Eye make up

The eyes take all the attention. The standard rule of eye shadow and lipstick colours is balance: minimize one feature and exaggerate the another.

Start with an asphalt colour creamy eye shadow. Apply all over your lid with a flat brush to create a smoky effect.  Choose a teal shade and starting at the inner corner of the eye and colour one third of the lid blending it in the asphalt base colour.

Starting at the outer corner blend a bright gold into the teal and slightly into the asphalt colour. Apply a dark line on the inner waterline

Draw inside your bottom inner eye line with a navy creamy pencil and apply and blend well the teal shadow underneath this line with a brush.

Use a strong black volumizing mascara on your curled lashes. 

Celebrities wearing Dramatic Make up

Prefer to attract more attention to your eyes? Watch this striking blue eye makeup tutorial!

This one imitates Alexandra Stan (Mr Saxobeat)

Lips: Out of focus

Drama calls for boldness, danger-looking and eyes are nothing without a strong eyeliner. A flat line that lifts up at the corners. Start at the inner corner in a thin line and continue to drag outwards and upwards toward the brows end points. The eyeliner should be increase in width as it moves outwards from the eyeballs.

The Lips

Lips stay out of focus. Go for a natural, nude colour that matches your lip skin tone and apply a clear gloss coat on.

Follow these step by step makeup tips for audacious looks.

Prefer to watch some dramatic make up videos rather than reading?

Click here for this Gold and brown eyes style.

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