Anti Aging Antioxidant: Eating and Wearing them

Anti aging antioxidants in our bodies have the ability to fight free radicals (chemical byproducts that damage our cells) without our assistance. We have quite a variety with strange names.  As we start to age the body loses this ability and starts slowing down the production. However we can help our bodies with the right foods and supplements in our fight against anti aging.

Apart from eating them scientist have figured out how to shrink molecules to wear them on your skin, protecting you from the environment.

The following antioxidants will help you to look younger and more beautiful!

I have seen considerable improvement when I take a good multivitamin (including minerals) in my skin texture and problems.

The Theory behind Anti Aging Antioxidant(s) 

When there is an overdose of free radicals in our bodies, the cells start to damage and die, and the aging process starts due to the oxidative stress (the effect of free radicals). Hence the name anti-oxidants and their function is seen as anti-aging, not only in your skin but preventing several diseases and disorder.

Scientists are discovering new antioxidant superheroes every day. This article gives an intro to the best anti aging antioxidant supplement found both in foods and anti-aging pills. Here I will be adding the rest.

The first Fighter

Selenium is a mineral found in the soil, found in water and some foods. While we only need a very small dose, selenium is nonetheless essential for our metabolism.

Selenium is mainly used for body functions like thyroid and helps in diseases like cognitive decline, cancer, and also cardiovascular disease.

Selenium is found in many antioxidant foods, namely brazil nuts, yellowfin tuna, sardine, beef steak, beef liver, lentils, potatoes (with skin on), carrots and a lot more.

We already discussed the importance of Vitamins like Vit B3, anti aging Vitamin E and Vitamin C in Anti-Aging Pill....go and read it

Carotenoids are fat soluble compounds that include beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene and zeaxanthin. Carotenoids help protect your eyes and skin from sun damage. Also giving you a glowing, smooth, younger looking complexion.

Best food sources: Carrots, butternut squash, spinach, avocado and a variety of fruit and vegetables.

Coffee in your beauty products: Antioxidants don’t sleep and need help while you sleep to continue with their work. Straight from the coffee plantations from its fruit: Coffeeberry is a turbo charged guy, more potent than green tea.

Its formula prevent damage to collagen while its anti-inflammatory properties reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Usually found being used in soothing and night creams to help repair skin-cell DNA.

Coenzyme Q10: Probably you already encountered this name in anti-aging and anti wrinkle beauty creams.  The antioxidant within can reverse skin damage (to a certain extent), preserve the collagen and elastin for a younger look and because of these properties is often added to skin creams. Starting early with anti aging means earlier results. Along with Vitamins A and C, CoQ10 is a potent formula.

Best food sources: Lean beef, chicken breast, and fish (all types).

Skin Care Antioxidants: Prevent Premature Aging and Retard the Process

Some more anti-oxidants:

Lycopene, found in red fruits and vegetables, improves skin texture by promoting collagen production and lessening the DNA damage.

Apart from the food intake, you supplement it via your anti aging pills and by using skin care products that contain this antioxidant.

Green Tea
You heard by now that green tea is one of the heroes of today’s age - that can fight a variety of diseases or preventing them – including skin aging.

Its anti-oxidants are called catechins, which are able to fight skin damages like blemishes and repair wrinkles. When applied topically it can reduce inflammation.  Choose green tea over black tea!

Is not a new anti aging antioxidant either, which is found mainly in grapes and red wine but also in nuts and fruits. When applied topically, Resveratrol protects and inhibits UVB and UVA damage that lead to cancer. Taking it orally or topically can give you a smoother skin, more elastic and decrease your age spots. It can also be used for acne problems.

Therefore we come to conclusion that the more anti aging antioxidants, the merrier when it comes to fight wrinkles and skin issues. Combining these powerful heroes in good anti aging supplements is more effective, as some work to boost their colleague.

Did I convince you enough to watch what you eat, switch to a more sane choices that benefit your body, health and skin?

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