Makeup Beauty Products controversy

During the 20th century, makeup beauty products gained popularity. Young girls are increasingly using cosmetics around the world. Many companies cater for this market producing cosmetics packaged in glittery finish and advertising young models.

Makeup beauty products were always criticized by different sources like feminists, religious groups, and animal rights activists.

Mineral and organic makeup that is without any toxins like SLS and parabens is gaining preference over chemically treated version.

makeup beauty products

Products Safety

Numerous reports, studies, health departments and groups have raised concern over the safety of chemicals in makeup like SLS which causes a number of skin issues like irritations, dermatitis, allergies and damage to eyes and eyelashes though cosmetics companies still issue false claims about their products which are not scientifically supported.

Animal testing

Cosmetics testing on animals is particularly controversial which takes place mainly in the US. On the other side of the globe, the EU banned such testing in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK. In 2002, after a long 13-year period of discussion, the EU almost totally banned the sale of animal-tested cosmetics. Giant cosmetics company L'Oreal, has protested to cancel the proposed ban. But also the EU Federation for Cosmetics which represent companies in the EU opposed to this ban.

Psychological Motivations for Cosmetics Use

There’s a psychological motivation for some people to put makeup according to a small study on thirty English women. The results suggest that insecure and anxious women apply cosmetics more than others that feel socially confident and physically attractive.

Celebrity endorsed beauty and health products

Many celebrities are nowadays launching their beauty products and their admirers hope that these will make them look appealing. Media focus on these recent celebrity launches and missing out on research and authorities giving people an easy way out fixes like beauty and health products. Marketers are choosing to use endorsements as a way to promote the celebrities’ line of skin care and makeup. Companies use the celebrity’s fame to cut their competition and get the attention of the public rather than for the product itself.

The beautiful results

Buying the makeup beauty products after being advertised by all the media showing the celebrity and her/his results achieved and not seeing any results, comes the frustration.

The effect of blogs and Internet

Online media plays a role in our lives and the way we stay updated with seasonal trends. Online magazines, blogs, social media networks – all give tips for their readers - beauty advices and style. Makeup trends have always been influenced by the rich and famous. These sites are mostly owned by brands or stores who keep their customers informed on the current makeup and beauty products.

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