Hair and beauty Supplies

Hair and beauty supplies are everyday use. Although most products are found in general stores, pharmacies, big department stores, malls, some are hard to find or rather expensive when bought from these places. Get to know the best suppliers of prodcuts used in salons.

Supplier #1

Specific companies do sell hard to find supplies to individuals at discounted prices.

An online catalog showcases many professional products. Hair Care Beauty guarantees 100% satisfaction and refunds. The supplies will be shipped within 48 hours. Apart from applicable supplies you can also find tools, equipment and accessories. This supplier houses many huge labels and famous brands.  And you can search either by category or by manufacturer.

Supplier #2

Another big and famous supplier store is Sally  Apart from stocking various products, equipment, accessories, gifts and men’s products, it also offers convenience to the customer. Loyalty rewards for repeat clients, major discounts and benefits scheme, school students and all student card holders get savings cards.

This supplier offers free shipping on all purchases of $50 or more, which is quite a good deal and easy returns. It stocks more than 7,000 products.  The online store seems to offer more value added service like a directory of professionals including nails, waxing and spa treatment salons. All you have to do is input address, city, zip code and country. (Only US and Canada are applicable). Becoming a member you will start receiving offers by email.

There’s a section dedicated to tips along with over 1000 FAQs.

To choose the best care products for your hair type(fine, thin, thick, straight, curly) and condition (dry, oily, dandruff, color treated), always go for your needs, not for expensive brands as some really do not justify their price. Do you have a favorite hair and beauty supplies store? Just drop us a note and let us know about it.

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