Black hair beauty

Black hair beauty is very particular and it is treated differently from other races.  Black is found in every race and in any geographic area of the world – from India to America, Africa….all across the globe in so many different looks.

How to Care and Style your African Black Hair Naturally

Naturally textured was not always regarded as we do today. It used to be viewed as aristocratic or carefree, but not attractive. Today our perspectives changed to allow natural black beauty hair on catwalks and red carpets.

When it comes to black hair beauty styling the choice is quite vast. Black women are seen in exotic knots, twists, locs, and funky styles typically African.

Black Hairstyles - Natural Progression

Nowadays African women are proud to wear natural styles, while Europeans are following these trends.

Multiple Styling Options for Natural Black Beauties                         

You might think African American hair is limited in styling but easy to do.

Cornrows  (or Canerows)

Cornrows, are also called crows or braids were attributed to traditional African hairstyle where braids are almost at the roots, using specific hand motions that create a continuous, raised row. Cornrows are often simple, straight lines, but other designs can also be done.

Cornrows are easy to maintain and can be left for weeks if proper washing and oiling  is performed as required.

Cornrowed styles are often decorated with beads in certain traditions. This style is suitable for both men and women and can be achieved with natural black hair or with extensions. If you want to turns heads, different coloured extensions, patterns, curls or straw sets make for a striking look.  This style can be worn simply or elegantly up-styled.

Braid Styles

Box braids

These have been known and used since ancient Egyptian times but became a trend again since celebrities like black beauties Beyonce sisters braided their hair. Box braids are normally medium in size, while micro braids as the name implies are small and take much more time to finish. These braids offer convenience when you don’t know how to style your hair or give it a break. Extra special attention should be taken when doing micro braids with extensions as the hairline is vulnerable to breakage and thinning so as a precaution redo your it often to avoid hair loss.

Weaves - Another Black Beauty Hair Style

Two-strand twists

Can be done with two equal sections and twirling one around the other until you reach the end. Twists can be made with natural or extensions of at least two inches in length. Although these can be done on wet, for a better definition towel dry and prime with pomade gives better results.

Straight Lines – Pressing Black Hair Beauty
What is Pressing?

Does yours refuse to stay straight and smooth even after heat treatments?  It all depends on the technique and quality of styling products.

Straightening without the use of chemicals - the Afro Way

It was done by black women way before flat irons were created. Pressing gives better results than flat ironing as the comb is able to separate and tackle all of the strans, while the plates only slide on the surface. Pressing combs are also suitable for short styles.

If you do this in a salon seek a professional that truly understands your hair. At home it is advisable to blow dry first for a better result.

Afro Black beauty Hair Style
Traditional Afro hair can be styled in many ways and doesn’t require a professional stylist. The overnight 'twist out' is one of these.  After washing  towel blot, divide into lightly moisturised sections and twist. Air dry and cover in a scarf for the night. Style with your fingers and you are good to go.

Lock in

Locks are very popular nowadays and have become a fashion statement. You have to be very careful if you decided to loc yours, as it is a lasting style. If you want to undo the locks, you have to cut it! Locks need patience to grow and develop in a beautiful style.

To grow locks, it should be free from chemicals and the ends need to have existing relaxer or texturiser on them.

A brand named Morris has formulated a range of hair beauty products specifically for black hair beauty containing neroli and orange. Probably locks needs less maintenance to clean as during the early stage it needs to washed and retwisted every four to six weeks. Tonics or astringents are used to keep it clean.  Roots Reviver Natural Hair Tonic (£6/250ml) is used to clean and at the same time strengthen locs.

There are more products for locs like the spray to add shine after re-twisting and the oil made from coconut and sunflower oils.

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