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The beauty product and skin care market is booming and increasing each year. The Indian beauty care market has grown by 20-25%. To confirm this, global beauty and cosmetics company is planning to launch more than 300 products across in various categories. Another country in the East, Iran is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2015 in the skin care market due to a growing youth population.

As you can see the beauty market is ever increasing in the last decade and continues to do so as technology evolves. We all used a product to enhance our looks sometime in our lives.

I would like to share two new findings in the beauty product and skin care market that are both informative and innovative.

Natural Resources

beauty product and skin care

The first news is about less known ingredients found in remote places that can heal the skin.

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract - A fresh water algae. Classed as a superfood to the Japanese, it is obtained from the broken cell wall of dried algae, highly concentrated in the antioxidant lutein (found in dark, leafy greens). It can prevent sun-induced skin damage. This extract is proven to reduce scar tissue formation and encourage collagen and elastin production – smoother skin and younger looks.

Noni Fruit Extract
A tropical fruit which contains enough enzymes to help detoxify, heal and regenerate damaged cells. It is also proven to be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, perfect for sensitive skin formulas.

Baobab – another oil that fights aging. The tree can live up to 1000 years and can store large amounts of water, found in Madagascar. The oil’s property is to tighten and moisturize dry skin encouraging skin cell regeneration. Rich in amino acid, loaded with vitamins and Omega 6 and 9 make it a great anti-aging product.

A new era of Beauty Product and Skin Care?

If you thought that only nature has resources read what technology can offer you. On a different note this innovative concept of producing personalised beauty product and skin care based on one’s DNA is a sign we are living in a high tech era.

Predicting genetic conditions from one’s DNA is old science in our times, but using DNA to determine one’s customized beauty product and skin care is still in its infancy. According to the scientists, doctors and manufacturers behind this innovative concept found our DNA contains signals related to aging.

How is this done?

A sample of your DNA is taken by swabbing a stick inside your cheek, sent to the company’s lab and after being examined for your genetic profile you can order custom-made skin care and supplements depending on your skin’s needs.

The test shows how your skin is building collagen, its ability to protect itself from the sun, builds antioxidants, controls inflammation and Glycation Protection Factor- whether or not your body processes sugar well (Glycation caramelizes your skin leading to aging and pigment changes etc – determining your skins strengths and weakness).

You could be using a collagen producing product when your genetics are good and your body can do that by itself instead of using a product to build antioxidants. You don’t know this information without a genetic test.

The market starts from teens to late 30s including men are all customers of this new line.

If this was enough to hook you, wait until you read the prices. The company is called SKINSHIFT and the genetic test cost $300 while the products range from $45 to $75.

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