Summer Hairstyles 2014

A collection of hairstyles, colors for every length this season and historical styles

What are the hottest summer hairstyles 2014? Which colors are trending right now? Here I collected a mix of news, celebrity styles and curiosity this season!

How do you style your hair?

Do you have a particular hairstyle for summer or just stick to one all year long. Do you switch to a new style based on fashion trends or do you stick to one that suits you? From cinema awards to artists changing their hairstyles and color, here is a collection from around the world for this summer. I like to look a bit more relaxed so my favorite style is Bohemian.

In this Article you will read:

  • Which Summer Hairstyles are hot this season
  • Vibrant, hot and cool colors for this Summer Hair trends!
  • Ways to color your hair (no salon, hairstylist needed, no damages implied) - just pure fun!
  • A video of extreme hairstyling - some are weird, some bizarre and some are cool!

Summer Hairstyles 2014

Let’s start with celebrities’ summer hairstyles for 2014. Sandra Bullock vs Cameron Diaz shoulder length straight hair. A classy and gorgeous look. Cameron’s layers frame her face perfectly. Layers are great for anyone who wants to change their long plain hairstyle. Also layers and curls are summer’s big time style.

Two great looks for this summer! Do you think these hairstyle fit your face shape and time?

Image credit:

Easy non-invasive/complicated Summer hairstyles 2014

Boho Hair and the Heat / Pre-Raphaelite Era

These two are always a match in my opinion. Summer calls for relax attitude, beach waves, sultry looks and a tan! Anyone at any age can wear a Boho hairstyle in a different version for any occasion. It is a sort of romantic wind swept look.

As you can see, braids and big curls are the main attraction in boho style. An over 40 woman like Jennifer Aniston looks adorable with long hair and so does Ginnifer Goodwin with a pixie cut and a gold halo headband. Are you daring enough to wear a gold band on your head this summer?

Madonna hairstyle Pre Raphealite Era

Ophelia painted by Arthur Hughes


Summer Hairstyles 2014: Beach waves

The perfect summer look that never goes out of fashion in my opinion. Beach waves are an easy hairstyle you can do yourself and without heat. Click here to find out how you can transform your hair at home

Braids certainly date to thousands of years BC according to Wikipedia. And so do braids of all kinds and styles. A great way to get hair in one place, off your face and in style. There is freedom with braids, as they can look elegant, sophisticated but even messy and relaxed. Get lots of ideas for curls and braids from my Pinterest collection

Choose your own style for this summer!

Jennifer Aniston

Waterfall braid

Headband Braid

Out of Moorea - Renoir.

Summer hairstyles 2014 for Short hair

Instead of just trimming it for summer, give it some texture and volume. Go with the weather elements and apply some beachwaves too to your short cut!

Or just be Edgy!

Pixie Cuts

Actually short and edgy is this year’s hairstyle trend. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence, all gave their hair the short cut!

But if you think that it is a new hairstyle, you are wrong. For sure it was in vogue in the 1950s. See Audrey Hepburn below!

Who said you can't braid a pixie cut?



Another type of pixie cut popular in the 2000s called Emo Hairstyle

Now for some Color for this summer hair trends

Lets begin with Redheads, actually 2014 is named ‘the year of the redhead’. And it is going to be a red hot summer. But remember that red needs more attention and management, so if you like the color you have to take in the time, maintenance and expenses along with the hot look

Copper Red

Another hot red color for this summer!  Feeling spicy, give those orange hues a copper red by blending fiery reds and copper reds, for a daring, hair-on-fire appearance!

Golden Brunettes

Blonde is not for everyone, especially those dark hair ladies. But you can try a warmer hue that will complement your eye color and skin undertones. Go for warm caramel and again copper tones, either for full coverage or just to highlight.

Strawberry blondes

I already told you that Red is big this year. Since it fades very quickly and a bit nasty to eliminate, delicate blondes can opt for a strawberry tint to warm up and still look hot.

Summer Hair Colors 2014

Ombré and Bronde

And if red is one of this year’s hairstyle trends Ombré hair is nonetheless.

Yeah either you love it or you hate it, I side with the latter. It’s an easy way to transition to summer for those with darker shades. For me its like being in Winter and Summer at the same time. Ombré summer hairstyles 2014 are versatile for both long and short styles in all shades and color.


Women like to go lighter or add highlights for summer. However that is an old boring trend nowadays. What if you could go BRONDE? That means something like having the best of both worlds just like with ombré or combining brown with blonde. This requires a technique called bayalyage (don’t try this at home if you don't have experience!) which means to lighten or go for an all over color ready-made.

Pastels and Shocking colors - Extreme Summer Hairstyles 2014

And I left this for last on purpose!

You choose pastels or bright colors if you are brave and daring enough! Definitely not for the faint-hearted or shy person! Well summer is for party time and fun right? Want to look cool this season? Apply some “peek-a-boo” highlights for a unique temporary change. However you need to take care of this new look as colors in summer fade quicker or turn to a horrendous chlorine green!

See Demi Lovato extreme color changes below!

A How-to Chalk your Hair video

Hairstyling News from around the world

You are in the Army Now!

Yes Sir! Either that or get out of the US Army as you don’t get to wear your favorite hairstyle or the latest trend according to the latest news by BBC! African-American women are restricted how to wear their natural black hair. The banned styles include twists, dreadlocks and large cornrows. This contrasts with practicality as natural black hairstyles require less maintenance and time! Read more here:

Change is positive – even for your hair. Give your hair and yourself a break from the usual style. It helps your hair’s health! Did you decide which Summer Hairstyles 2014 or color to choose for this season?

If so please Share and comment below....

Some more Extreme and fun Hairstyling videos:

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