Ladies beauty products - how to stay safe and avoid getting ripped off

Beauty is within some say but that does not stop ladies beauty products to boom the industry each year. Women and beauty go together since earlier times, there is no doubt. Up to a few decades ago mums prohibited their daughters to apply beauty products or go waxing, today ladies spend more than $3000 on skin care each year.

Confidence is how you feel about yourself. Beauty products only improve your external looks and help you look your best. It is important for the woman of today the way she carries herself.

The range of ladies beauty products is immense from waxing, threading, manicure and pedicure to exotic facials! Adding to the list are hair care products, styling, hair dyes, hair treatments, body care like scrubs, body creams and nail care.

What it looks is not what it is

What most women fail to see is the ugly truth that products rarely do what they promise or claim. It is all marketing. According to this month’s ShopSmart magazine the FDA has no definition for terms such as hypoallergenic and natural, making the claims virtually meaningless. Further worse, the government does not review labels before the product sits on the store shelves.

Beauty doesn’t have to cost the earth to discover then the product was not suitable to your needs. Staying young and beautiful is not that hard. At Beauty Product Hunter we offer a wide selection of approaches some of which are natural and cost nothing. Trust us that transforming yourself beautifully is possible through beauty products, advice and tips we share with you!

Try Before You Buy

ladies beauty products

And what an ingenious way to try out beauty products! The concept was cloned in different continents. Receive a selection of samples of the latest skin care products and cosmetics in a box at your doorstep each month that are tried by the Birchbox team. Beauty products range from day-to-day to fine and special for that extra dramatic look.

Subscribers receive a package every month, both for men and women. The ladies beauty products include skincare and makeup while the men receive top-level grooming products along with accessories ranging from stylish socks to technological gadgets. Their products’ price range starts under $10 up to $165. The featured brands are both high end and emerging ones. On top of that the company offers great service through their blog and content with advice, tips and best use for the products. You can read articles, watch videos and interviews through the company’s online magazine.

When you think you are ready for the full sized products you can purchase these from the online shop. To reward you every time you shop, refer friends and give feedback their generous loyalty program awards you Birchbox points which can be redeemed against full size product purchase or gift cards.

Other countries that cloned this concept are Glambox and Blushybox in the UAE and Glossybox in Europe.

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