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Hair and beauty product are essential in our lives today as these help us fight the elements. According to Chinese traditional medicine our internal energy (Qi) — commands our external look. Have acne? Dark circles around eyes? Graying hair?

Hair today

hair and beauty product

Most women waste years flat ironing in attempt to have straight hair to resemble Chinese women. On the other hand Asian women would like to have a messier look. Chinese women want layers, volume, and texture. Even black hair is not desirable by the Chinese. Asians want to look more European and European want to look Asian. In the end we all want what we don't have.

Botox for Hair?

Up to today I only thought that Botox was just for aging skin. But just as our skin ages so does our hair. It tends to get thin, loses body and shape. Botox is said to reverse the effects.

A new hair and beauty product? We have to start battling hair anti aging just at the same time as skin. Hair requires the same attention. As we age we produce less keratin, a protein that is responsible for strength and health of our hair. Hair becomes weak, breaks more easily and thins. However keratin is destroyed by frequent heat styling even the ones you use at home, robbing it off its moisture. Recently with the aid of technology we are seeing products that try to imitate the missing keratin.

To add insult to injury, Stress helps hair to fall out and become lifeless due to increased adrenaline production. Lower androgen levels, the Pill can contribute to this. Combat stress but taking time out to relax and heal your body.

Eat for your hair. A well-balanced diet of protein, zinc, iron and antioxidant foods like berries and leafy green vegetables, can keep your hair healthy. There are several vitamins and supplements designed for hair health.

Treat your scalp as you treat your skin. Use treatments adequate for your scalp since this impacts your hair. Hair and beauty product like Argan oil, olive oil and lemon are all conditioners to the scalp. Vitamins C and E can be used for the scalp just the same as for the skin.

Bulking up hair. Some big brands like L'Oréal Professionel offer hair fillers. The product's main ingredient, injects the hair strands with a flexible soft fiber, giving hair more volume. Coloring also makes your hair look thicker. Colour should be a shade less around the face, adding dimension but not contrast. Change hair style as you age to suit your face shape. Go with your age not fashion trends both for cut and colour.

Hair falling out: Women hair loss is less noticeable as it is throughout and harder to identify. Estrogen and progesterone decline in women as we age - miniaturization. The follicles shrink severely but can be treated in many ways.

There are oral and topical medicines that can treat women hair loss. The FDA approved HairMax Laser Comb which when combed through your hair can encourage growth and regenerate follicles.

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