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Free beauty products are a pocket-saver in small form. If you go about trying every new product from every brand you end up with a hole in your pocket until you find the right one for you. Luckily small new and established big brands offer free samples or freebies to their prospective and loyal clients to try out the product before purchasing the full product.

You can try about any beauty product for free from make-up, beauty products, skin care, perfume, hair care and even beauty equipment.

Search for free beauty products sample programs online to find your favourite beauty products.

free beauty products

Every day, in every way, the billion-dollar beauty business tells women they are monsters in disguise.... women are told they are the fair sex, but at the same time that their "beauty" needs lifting, shaping, dyeing, painting, curling, padding. Women are really being told that "the beauty" is a beast. Una Stannard (b. 1927), U.S. author. Woman in Sexist Society, ch. 7 (1971).

Companies that offer Free Beauty Products

The following programs offer free samples and they are the best rated to request and receive what you ordered:

  • Walmart
  • Target’s
  • Start Sampling
  • Vocalpoint's Free Samples

Anything that is giving for free sometimes doesn’t get at no cost at all, it rarely does. When filling free sample forms the company requests personal information from you to send your freebie. Watch out your privacy, follow these steps about what you should and should not give out.

Home Address

The majority of free beauty products are sent out by mail. You need to fill out your full home address with your name. P.O. boxes are not acceptable by many companies.

Email Address

Most companies request this to build their customers’ list. Do use a separate email address reserved for this type of things and spam, so it does not get mixed with your personal emails. If you subscribe to their newsletter its because the company wants to know more information but you will keep receiving information from them as long as you stay subscribed.

Phone Number

If you trust the company and that the freebie will be sent out go ahead and fill it in. But if you have doubts or don’t like to be pestered from the company do not share it.

Birth Date or Birthday

A company may be interested in your birth date for different reasons. Some companies do not send out the freebie if you are not eligible to receive your sample, the company might use the information for marketing purposes only or to send wishes or more freebies on your birthday.


Sometimes you are required to fill in a survey in order to receive your freebie. The company is interested in demographics about its clients and used for marketing purposes. Questions include age, income, household makeup, what brands you use, how much do you spend on these products, what would you like to see, what you dislike....lookout for required information, if you feel uncomfortable revealing this information, forget the survey. There will be more offers.

Paying for a Freebie

Never agree to pay or fill in your credit card details – a freebie is a FREEbie, that’s it! These companies are interested in stealing your information, your identity and your money. Never trust these types of promotions. This same goes for Social Security Number.

Beware of scams. If something is too good to be true then surely it is. If you are promised $500 gift card for your personal information be sure your identity will be sold and you will never receive your card. If you don’t trust the marketing of a product or offer, move on. You will thank yourself you did.

Here you will find more information on how to get your hands on free beauty products.

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