DIY Hair Loss Remedy

Find a collection of tips on DIY hair loss remedy treatments at home and prevent fallout. Are you worried your hair is falling out lately? Which home remedies can you try?

The following tips offer a natural non invasive solutions to treating your problem and tips on how to care for your hair.

Understanding Hair loss

Reasons for hair loss

Early signs of losing it? Do you find strands on your pillow every morning? Apart the medical and aesthetic treatments done in salons, you can save a whole lot if you are willing to prepare some potions and applying them at home.

Basic care on a daily basis can slow down the process. It’s written in your genetic profile or medical history, there is nothing you can do to change that.

As usual, here at Beauty Product Hunter, we always mention nutrition as it is responsible for your hair’s health. Other than nutrition, which styling tools and products you use are also accountable.

How to Prevent Hair Loss Tips

The following is just a list of basic precautions to minimize the damage.

DIY Hair Loss Remedy tips:

  • How you wear it is an important factor when dealing with loss.  Wearing tight styles as well as caps that block the sweat glands are to blame. These can make the scalp dry out and vulnerable to diseases. Wearing tight styles for prolonged times can weaken your roots.  It needs to be let loose to breathe and rest.
  • Another diy hair loss remedy is washing and rinsing with hot water can deteriorate your strands making them prone to split ends and increasing frizz. Lukewarm water is best. Hot temperatures can increase and make loss worse.

DIY Hair Loss Remedy: Various Solutions

While there are many treatments you can prepare and apply at home, the basis of good care lies in massaging your scalp as this aids the blood circulation which stimulates growth. Specialized masks are to be applied on damaged hair.

Proven to Work Formula - DIY hair loss remedy

The following formula was proved to work according to a study. The essentials oils were mixed in a carrier oil and massaged in the scalp.

The results were impressive. Mapping and measuring of the bald patches was also done to determine results.

An impressive average area of regrowth with the essential oils was 104 square centimeters. Aromatherapy is safe and cost effective and value for money compared to medical treatments costs.

  • Take just 2 drops from the mixture below and massage it well into the scalp. Wear a plastic cap over your head and wrap a warm towel around. Let it on for 2 to 3 hours or overnight if you wish. Wash as usual, using a mild shampoo (avoid medicated shampoo).

DIY Hair loss remedy with Essential Oils

Essential Oils are also good to Stimulate Circulation

Bay and lavender essential oils are known to stimulate the scalp. Six drops of each oil to four ounces of a warm carrier oil such as almond, soybean or sesame oil massaged into the scalp can do wonders for your hair. Let it on for 20 minutes. Take three drops of the bay essential oil and add them to regular shampoo you use to wash.

The DIY Hair Loss Remedy Recipe - Essential Oil Blend

  • Step 1. Add the following in a small glass container:2 drops of Thyme essential oil with 2 drops of Atlas cedarwood , 3 drops of Lavender  and 3 drops of Rosemary essential oil. Mix well.
  • Step2. Just add half a teaspoon of Jojoba oil with 4 teaspoons of Grapeseed oil.  Mix thoroughly.
  • Step3. Apply as above.

More DIY Hair Loss Remedy Treatments

While many companies claim to have THE RIGHT hair loss product here are some natural how to stop hair loss treatments


Apart its healing powers against colds and flu, it offers its benefits to beauty and hair care.  Besides being a guard against bacteria and toxins, garlic contains enough vitamins and nutrients to help the scalp and follicles regenerate. It was proved that by massaging sliced garlic on critical spots where loss is occurring, hair was noticed to grow steadily in a few weeks.

Aloe Vera

At Beauty Product Hunter, this plant is mentioned more than once for the healing properties amongst others it has on the skin. No wonder it is called the Miracle Plant. Spoon out its fleshy insides when cutting the leaves in half and put it on your scalp overnight. But if you are sensitive to its juices, 30 minutes should be sufficient time then rinse it off. To start seeing results continue doing this treatment twice a week for a minimum of 3 months.

Evening primrose as a DIY hair loss remedy

Many people have experienced an increase in hair growth. Evening primrose oil benefits the body primarily because of its high content of essential fatty acids (omega-6) found in the seeds of the flower. Evening primrose oil supplements are found in health stores in form of capsules on a constant basis to see results (a minimum of two months). Evening primrose oil is also beneficial for healthy nails, treating psoriasis and eczema. However do not take this remedy if you are on medications especially blood related. Always ask your doctor before and it may react with other herbal medicines.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a soothing essential oil. Massage a few drops into your follicles to stop damage and increase hair growth. However it requires 2-3 applications per day.

Causes of Hair Loss

Women causes:

Everyone loses it. It’s a normal cycle. But what are the reasons for women losing it? These are some conditions to look out and treat medically.

1.       Hereditary - the gene can be inherited from your mother's or father's side. The symptoms: develop thinning at the hairline behind the bangs. It can start as the early 20s. You can slow down the process by applying minoxidil (Rogaine) to the scalp twice a day of a lower-strength formula and works on both women and men.

2.       Hypothyrodism -  a very common disease in women, slowing down your body’s metabolism and producing too little thyroid hormone can cause weight gain, fatigue, constipation, depression, and concentration problems. Hair, nails and skin may become fragile and more prone to breakages. It was often noticed in women over 50s but nowadays it may appear at a younger age.

3.       Iron Deficiency  - if you don’t eat enough iron-rich foods or you suffer from heavy periods. Iron gives enough red blood cells which are responsible for transporting oxygen and giving you energy. Iron deficiency causes a lot of distress like extreme fatigue, weakness, pale skin, headaches, difficulty concentrating, cold hands and feet.

4.       Auto-immune diseases - like psoriasis (you will see an excess of thick white scale on the scalp) and alopecia areata cause the body to attack hair follicles – a very common disorder in both men and women. One of the causes is stress or other illnesses. Inflammation makes growth difficult. Skin conditions that lead to loss include seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff – greasy yellow scales) and fungal infections such as ringworm recognizable by red patches on your scalp (a fungus you can get by touching an infected person or animal).

Other Causes of hair loss

Stress is a big offender, so don’t make it worse by stressing yourself over hair loss. Relax. Load up your vitamin and mineral levels. If you notice sudden hair loss, this can be a sign of other diseases.

Hope you find the above information useful and start seeing good results. Read more on the topic here.

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