Aromatherapy Beauty Products - an essence of living nature

Aromatherapy beauty products are made from volatile plant materials known as essential oils which evoke memories and change your mood. If we smell something nice it can change our mood and feel good for the day. What benefits do we get from using aromatherapy?

Essences like flowers create endorphins and we feel good. The chemical and artificial counterparts are not able to leave a long-lasting effect as much as the natural have more resonance with the body as there’s cellular intelligence that communicates with each other.

aromatherapy beauty products

Earth-friendly organic beauty products

In order to feel good and look beautiful we must live our lives in a way that respects the Earth and its resources. Nature provided us with all that we need to live holistically getting our nutrients from Eco-systems. If human beings can sustain these then we would have found a balance between usage and preservation.

One Aromatherapy Beauty Products manufacturer

A company named Eco-Truffles was created on this principle of meeting quality, providing all-natural products on the Caribbean market. Eco-Truffles Lavish Body Treats produces an abundance of beauty products made from traditional oils like aromatherapy beauty products, butters and herbs for customers longing to preserve both the environment and their beauty.

Eco-Truffles is an enterprise with a difference engaged in persevering the environment, sustaining development and educating women encouraging them to be entrepreneurs. The company’s owner Nolana Lynch is truly a genuine person, giving all the proceeds from sales to sustain the development of women and children in the Caribbean and families in rural communities to generate their income and active in relief initiatives in vulnerable nations such as Haiti.

Avoiding chemicals for you and the environment

What I don’t approve is the use and recycling of the plastic packaging. Using and reusing glass like in aromatherapy beauty products is more Earth-friendly.

"We use the best of organic-grown produce to make body scrubs, shampoos conditioners, facial masks, aromatherapy beauty products and so forth. Lynch confirms the products are 100 per cent natural and 95-100 per cent organic. "They are not diluted with a lot of other ingredients, like you see on some products. All ingredients are used in appropriate proportions as needed to be effective. Quality is of utmost important and we keep a highly sanitised work environment. Our Lavish Body Treats are created to restore your skin and strands to its natural beauty," Lynch said.

Eco-Truffles Lavish Body Treats is a sustainable organization which creates natural and organic hair care products.

Everything that you put on your skin and in your hair is absorbed in your body; instead of using commercial products which are loaded with dangerous chemicals and poisons.

Our tag line is 'look your best with nature's best'.

There are so many benefits that can be derived from nature and it is a privilege to be able to combine all of those products and provide quality merchandise that persons can use.

"We take a lot of time to develop the various blends which are big in aromatherapy beauty products and which are very soothing. A lot of them smell like your favourite foods like chocolate mint, cake batter and there are various tropical scents like passion fruit and coconut. They are all very soft and soothing to your body," she said.

Lynch really believes in what she does. Her research assisted in the reduction of annual carbon dioxide emissions within a number of organizations.

Lynch's range of beauty products is for both men and women. Orders can be placed on the online store or on Facebook. The company makes home and office deliveries within one to two business days. Regional and international delivery is also done. Eco-Truffles items are also located at Body Beautiful on D'Avenue, #62 Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook.

Beauty Product Hunter is getting you the best and finest in beauty products and we are proud to sustain those who care about nature.

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