Anti Aging Peptides: A breakthrough in Wrinkle fight

What are anti aging peptides? They are amino acids (protein structures) that stimulate the production of collagen. Actually peptides have been used in wrinkle treatments for a long time. There are so many beauty products out there but one ingredient that will distinguish what we want in the aisle.

Peptides send signals to the skin to quicken the formation of new collagen. The most innovative peptides called neuropeptides - their job is to relax the facial muscles and to prevent forming wrinkles, just like Botox does, without the toxins and intrusiveness of needles. . Also it helps to heal acne scars when building new cells.

So next time you are buying anti-aging skincare, look for any of the following terms: soy/copper peptides, amino acids. I will surely do.

Peptides are found in our body but can also be lab simulated, produced small enough to enter our skin via creams or serums by encouraging the production of collagen and anti-oxidants.

What do Peptides do for the skin?

Anti aging peptides alone don’t make much difference, just like there is no one food that can fit all your body’s needs. We already talked about peptides in this article here.

Benefits of Peptides in Skin Care

Peptides work with additional anti-aging ingredients, vitamins and minerals for your skin to retain moisture, look smooth, firm and younger. For visible results apply morning and night, every day. They take long to work from 4 to 12 weeks. But to keep seeing good results you have to make peptides a part of your anti aging beauty.

The newest Peptide to be born

Copper peptides skin care are somewhat new and there is not much evidence, as their effectiveness and/or safety is still debated and no independent research study yet. 

Peptide Powders vs Anti Aging Peptides in Cosmetics

The amount you can apply on your skin is nothing compared to the amount you can absorb from a powder. You can find Peptide powders as a supplement. And I just learnt that people mix it in their shampoo/conditioner to treat dry hair and add it in beauty creams they make themselves.

Did you ever purchase wrinkle treatment serums, gels or cream products with peptides in? Go for concentrated blends of vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, and botanicals if you are a looking for a potent solution to correct skin tone, fine lines and sagging skin.

Hope you will be looking for these extra anti aging peptides when you buy your next anti wrinkle cream or serum. I will surely do. Don't forget to read about the other articles in Anti Aging Beauty section of this website

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